WCHS/WACC announces updates to grades and grading: Check out the attached pdf document (also pictured below) for more information!


WCHS/WACC 4.5 Honors points courses:


Honors Advanced Accounting  

Honors Algebra II

Honors Anatomy Physiology

Honors Banking and Investments

Honors Biology II Microbiology Genetics

Honors Biology II Zoology

Honors Chemistry II

Honors Chinese IV

Honors Chinese V

Honors English 10

Honors English 9

Honors Geometry

Honors German IV

Honors Pre Calculus

Honors Spanish IV

Honors Trigonometry

PLTW Honors Engineering, Design and Development

PLTW Honors Aerospace Engineering 

PLTW Honors Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

PLTW Honors Digital Electronics

PLTW Honors Principles of Biomedical Science

PLTW Honors Medical Interventions 

PLTW Honors Human Body Systems

Work-based Learning Capstone (4 periods)

Work-based Learning Capstone (3 periods)

Work-based Learning Internship (2 periods)

Work-based Learning Internship (3 periods)

WCHS/WACC 5.0 AP & DC points courses:


AP Computer Science II PLTW CSP

AP Computer Science II JAVA

AP Comparative Government (Indpt Study)

AP European History

AP US Government

AP US History

AP World History (changed to new course 19-20)

AP World History Modern

AP Calculus AB

AP Statistics (course has never run)

AP Calculus BC

AP English 11

AP English 12

AP Environmental

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics I Algebra Based

AP Physics C Electricity Magnetism

AP Physics C Mechanics

AP Studio Art

AP French V (last used 2017-2018)

AP French Language and Culture (has not run)

AP Spanish V


DC11 Health Sci Education I HLHS ITCC

DC12 Criminal Justice CRIM101111113 ITCC

DC12 Early Childhood Eduction ECED ITCC

DC12 Fire Rescue I HSPS106121165167IVTCC 

DC12 Human and Social Servcs I HUMS ITCC

DC14 Cosmetology I COSM100 150 VINCNS

DC16 Cosmetology II COSM 200 250 VINCNS

DC2 Radio Prod II DM 196 Radio I HU

DC3 Adv Life Science Animals AGRI107ITCC

DC3 Adv Life Science Foods AGRI108 ITCC

DC3 Adv Life Science Plants AGRI109 ITCC

DC3 Adv Strategic Marketing MKTG230 ITCC

DC3 Agribusiness Management AGRI102 ITCC

DC3 Alg Trig MA153 PFW Pre-Calc

DC3 Alg Trig MA154 PFW Trig

DC3 Animal Science AGRI 103 ITCC

DC3 Ceramics III FINA S165 PFW

DC3 Civil Engnrng ArchitctrPLTW DESNITCC

DC3 Computer Science C++ SDEV 140 ITCC

DC3 Drawing III FINA N108 PFW

DC3 Economics E200 PFW

DC3 Finite Math MA213 PFW

DC3 Food Science AGRI 104 ITCC

DC3 Horticulture Science AGRI 116 ITCC

DC3 Intro AmerGovt POS2200 GRACE

DC3 Intro to Accounting ACCT 100 VU

DC3 Landscape Mgmt I AGRI 164 ITCC

DC3 Med Terminology HLHS 101 ITCC

DC3 Med Terminology Intense HLHS101 ITCC

DC3 Music Appreciation HUMA118 ITCC

DC3 Natural Resource Mngmnt AGRI115 ITCC

DC3 Plant and Soil Science AGRI 105 ITCC (last used 2016-2017)

DC3 Principles of Marketing MKTG101 ITCC

DC3 Princpl of Busn Mangmt BUSN 101 ITCC

DC3 Speech Communications SPCHS121 IUSB

DC3 Vis Comm II VCD P105 PFW

DC4 Anlytc Geom Calc I MA165 PFW

DC4 Anlytc GeomCalc II MA166 PFW

DC4 TV Production II DM196 TVI TVII HU

DC6 AmHist I II HIS2050 1380 GRACE

DC6 Cul Arts Hosptlty I HOSP101 102 ITCC

DC6 Cul Arts Hosptlty II HOSP104105 ITCC

DC6 Education Profs SED1000SED2400 GRACE

DC6 English W131 L202 IUSB


DC7.5 Emergency Medical SvcsPARM102 ITCC

DC9 Auto Svcs Tech I AUTI100111121 ITCC

DC9 Auto Svcs Tech II AUT122131141 ITCC

Administrative and Office Management BUSN105 ITCC DC3 (not running 19-20)

Building Trades I BCTI 100 BCTI 101 ITCC DC6

Building Trades II (Construction Trades II) BCTI 102 BCTI 103 BCTI 104 ITCC D9

Precision Machine Technology I MTTC 101 MTTC  103 MTTC102 ITCC D9

Precision Machine Technology II MTTC 105 MTTC 106 MTTC 107 MTTC 208 ITCC DC12

Advanced Manufacturing I INDT 108 MTTC 209 MATH 122 COMM 104 ITCC DC12

PLTW Honors Principles of Engineering  PLTW DESN 104 ITCC DC3

PLTW Introduction To Engineering Design PLTW DESN 101 ITCC DC3

PLTW Introduction To Engineering Design For Women PLTW DESN 101 ITCC DC3

Honors Biomedical Innovations PLTW ITCC PLTW BIOT 107 DC4

Welding Technology I   WELD 100 WELD 108 ITCC DC6

Welding Technology II   WELD 109 WELD 207 WELD 208 ITCC DC9

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