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Welcome back everyone! We took winter break pretty seriously, but we're ready to come back in the wonderful world of physics at WCHS. We're very excited to have you back. We're going to learn a lot this semester.We will start the semester talking about Energy and Work.

One reminder is that this class you will have to work (ha... the puns are out already!) A lot of you did well last semester, but a few of you can do a lot better. We're looking for effort and for curious people. If that's not you, then please consider being in a different class. It's going to be an awesome semester, but you have to put time and Energy (ha!) into it. Here we go!

UNIT 9 TEST: BLOCK DAY 3/2 & 3/3

Unit 11 - Waves

Friday, March 17

     Bill Nye the Science Guy (waves episode)
     Where do waves come from?
     How do waves break?
     How do tides work?


Monday, March 20
     Waves (PowerPoint)

Tuesday, March 21
     Finish Waves (same PowerPoint)
     HW: Waves Worksheet

Wednesday, March 22 / Thursday, March 23
     Wave Interaction (PowerPoint)
     In Class Wave Problems Worksheet

Friday, March 24
     Phet Lab - Waves (sections 1&2)


Monday, March 27
     Finish Phet Lab (sections 3&4)

Tuesday, March 28
     Pendulum Lab

Wednesday, March 29 / Thursday, March 30
     Finish Pendulum Lab
     Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) - Pendulums (PowerPoint)

Friday, March 31
     SHM - Springs (same PowerPoint)
     HW: SHM Worksheet



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