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Welcome to our Class!
Welcome to our webpage! Here you will find notes, project syllabi, and classwork for the days you missed or if you need a refresher. Please always feel free to email Mrs. Meulink or Ms. Ferry for any questions you may have.
Weekly Agenda
Captains of Industry or Robber Baron? Project
Below you'll find some helpful weblinks to get your research started for you project. Remember, in addition to these sources you also are to look at the Gale Database accessible through the WCHS media center webpage. 
Westward Expansion
We'll be moving forward in history this week towards Andrew Jackson's Presidency and the movement West. We will be touching on the topics of Indian Removal Act , Manifest Destiny, and the Mexican-American War. Further study into the growing tension of slavery expansion in the west and states rights will also be focused on. 
9/11 Activity
Unit 1 Assessment will be on Monday. We will then move into the Literary Movements that will bring us up to the Civil War. On Friday, 9/11, we will be taking the day to dig into some primary sources and remembering the tragic events of 9/11. 
The Revolutionary War and Unit Wrap-Up
This week we will be finishing up our unit on Colonial America with an in-depth look into the American Revolution. We'll be doing a webquest, digging into primary sources, have a soldier experience day, as well as watch an episode of "America: The Story of US" that takes a little deeper into the battles of the Revolutionary War. 

There will be a quiz towards the end of this week over all we've covered. Check back for a study guide! 
Declaration of Independence
***Key Players of the American Revolution PRESENTATIONS: Wednesday August 26. All aspects of the projects must be done by then. We will spend Tuesday and 1/2 of Wednesday as work days. Be prepared to present 3 key facts about your historical figure.

This week will be delving into the Declaration of Independence aka the ultimate break-up letter of the US and Britain. We'll be taking a look at it from all angles and diving into the original text. 
Colonial America-Road to the Revolution
Literature: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathan Edwards

Week covers events leading up to Revolutionary War. Students will learn about key figures of the American Colonies as well as the causes and effects of the events that took place prior to the American Revolution. 

Contact Me!
Nina Ferry
R144 (classroom), G126 (office)
ext. 2370


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