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This quiz is a speaking pre-test.  The goal is to see your speaking and listening skills at this point of the year and see growth at the end of the year. You will be asked 20 questions via audio recording, and you will have roughly 40 minutes to answer (2 minutes per question). You will need to answer these questions to the best of your ability.  Anything that you can provide will be helpful.  The first ten questions contain content from semester one.  If you have trouble answering these, there will be extra time involved for you next semester in making sure you have mastered these.  Questions 11-20 will be topics covered in semester 2, if you have any idea how to answer these, provide what you know.  If you have no clue of how to answer, simply say "No sé.¨


For each question you will be ranked 3-0 on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.  The score of a 3 means that there are very few mistakes, 2 means there are a few mistakes but the message is still conveyed, 1 means that there are several mistakes which hinder the comprehensibility, 0 means that there was no answer given or the answer given is not related to the question.

What you will need:

-A device with Voice Recorder Pro 7 to record your voice

-A second device with headphones and the audio link from this page downloaded. (You could use a phone and an iPad, or take turns sharing a device with a partner.)


What to DO...

Have voice recorder pro ready to record one long recording. (Make sure you are familiar with how to record.  Do a practice recording to make sure it works properly.)

Listen to the audio questions from the attached audio.  After each number, pause and think about how you would answer.  

Then on voice recorder pro, begin by stating the question number in Spanish and record your response.

Then, PAUSE your recording, and listen to question 2.  Think of your answer.  Record your response on the same recording as question 1.  Then repeat this cycle until you have answered all of the questions.  

If you make a mistake, simply repeat your corrected version immediately after the incorrect version, stating the same number as before.

When you are finished, convert your audio file to an MP3, and upload the MP3 version of the recording to Canvas.

What NOT to do...

Do not write anything down.  That includes both the question and the answers.  The purpose of this activity is to test you listening and speaking skills, not reading and writing.  

Do not discuss your answers with anyone or ask for help from a classmate.

Do not use any notes to assist you.


Audio link is here.

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