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Welcome to Earth Science

This course is an introduction to Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, and Astronomy. Students will discover the stars and galaxies found within the universe as well as the role of gravity and other forces that determine the motion of bodies in the solar system. Students will also examine the layers of the Earth and the processes of rock formation, weathering, sedimentation, and reformation that continually shape the surface of the Earth. The students will gain an understanding of structure and circulation of the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere. Students will also investigate how humans interact with these processes and how the dynamic Earth in turn impacts our human society. 


Weekly Agenda
August 29 - September 2

Monday - Ch. 22.1
Tuesday - History of Astronomy Wkst
Wednesday/Thursday - Lab-Moon Phases
Friday - Ch. 22.2

September 5 - 9

Tuesday - Ch. 22.3 Moon
Wednesday/Thursday - Lab-Moon Phases, Review
Friday -  Test Ch. 22

September 12-16

Monday - Planetarium
Tuesday - Planet Presentation
Wednesday/Thursday - Planetarium/Planet Presentation
Friday - Planet Presentation

September 19 - 23

Monday - Planet Presentations
Tuesday - Planet Presentations
Wednesday/Thursday - Planet Presentations/Review
Friday - Quiz Ch. 23 Planets

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