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Kelly Morrow
B115, B120
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Created: Oct 14, 2008
Updated: Aug 13, 2016
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Student Examples
Course Description
This course emphasizes the role of visual communication in the marketplace.  The students will be introduced to illustration, layout, logo design, storyboarding, typography, and other commercial art practices.  Projects will be completed using traditional drawing techniques as well as computer software programs.  Concepts will be taught through the study of art history, criticism, aesthetics, and production techniques. 
Daily Slides
Gestalt Principles
Similarity / Anomaly
figure / ground

Logo Design

Students begin this unit by gaining experience in the use of symbols, the elements and principles of design, the Gestalt principles, and typography.  We also begin to explore the vector tools found in Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create custom shapes and letterforms.

After creating a company profile of their own students then recieve a random profile page from another student.  Each student will act as the company president or (arts director) and also as a designer for another company.  This relevant exercise allows students to manage design issues within a framework that is often limited and revolves around the needs of the company. 

Students will create a letterform based logo and a symbol based logo.


The letterform is a useful design element that comes in hundreds of varieties, from style differences to font designs.  In this unit we will focus on the strength and ability of the letterform to inform, decorate, and structure a design. 

Layout design

Students will balance text, imagery, space, and texture in a one-page layout design.  Using Photoshop CS4 we focus on the use of blending modes, adjustment layers, and text handling. 

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