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Welcome to my Page!
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Weekly Agenda
Gas laws answer key
Here is the answer key. 
Boyles law lab
Here is the paper for the lab we are doing today. The link for the simulator is on LEAH SPRUNGERS web page off to the left. It will say boyles law simulator. 
Pressure conversion
Here is the homework for Wednesday/Thursday night. 
Themochemistry answer key
Make sure that you also are looking over your phase changes, phases, the energy changes from one phase to another, and how to use a heating curve. 
Reaction type answer keys
Here are the five answer keys for the reaction types. Use them to check your answers and you can email me questions if you have them.
Stoich mole to mole HW
er something
Bonding review answer key
Here is the bonding review answer sheet.
CHem 1 exam review key
Check yo answers dawg
HW answer keys
Here are the answer keys for the grad cylinder thermometer worksheet, as well as the Scientific Notation. 
Introduction and Math review
Hello all! I hope you had an awesome summer and are ready to kick right back to it. I am posting the answer key to the Math review here.  Keep in mind, This pre-test will be done on Friday.
Q4 exam review
Agenda Content goes here
Equilibrium Review
Whats up dawgs.  Here is yo Review fo dis testizzle.
Solutions review
Agenda Content goes here
Started Solutions
Definitions were done in the book. Chapter 15.1-15.7. 
Charles Law
We continued with Charles law and got a worksheet to practice both Boyles and Charles law.
Agenda Content goes here
Exam review answers
Agenda Content goes here
Review answers from today
Agenda Content goes here
More practice 2/23/15
We went over the worksheet from last wednesday and collected it.  We then got 2 new sheets. A homework sheet and a chart with specific heats that are needed to complete the homework.  I had students highlight this column so they were not searching through for the specific heats.
Q=mCΔT 2/18/15
Introduced the equation to calculate the heat entering or leaving a system. 
Q= Joules of energy transfer
m= mass (in grams of kg, but mostly grams)
c= specific heat J/g°C
ΔT= change in temperature

Specific heat is the amount of energy required to raise 1 gram of a substance by 1 degree celsius. 

It is important we understand specific heat since it has a very useful application to our cars.  We use a coolant in our radiators to prevent our cars from overheating.  Otherwise our car would be damaged.

A coolant is a substance that has a high specific heat.  This means it takes more energy to raise 1 gram of that substance by 1 degree celsius which means the car engine will become cooler and last longer.

Started Thermochemistry unit and got through the first 14 slides of the powerpoint.
Definitions were done for Chapter 10 sections 1-3.  There are 12 words.  Tomorrow sophomores will report directly to the guidance offices and then return to class after they are done.  There will be no new material so anyone missing today can work on definitions tomorrow.  If you need a book please let me know and I will sign one out for you.
Test day
Stoichiometry test
Mole to mole Stoich
Here is the homework for Monday

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