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Welcome to the Art Department
Welcome to the WCHS Art Dept.  I am the visual arts teacher for the following courses:  Drawing I, 2-D Design, Painting I, Painting II, Photography and Sculpture.  The following information is for current classes.  Please go to Powerschool to check current assignments and grades, or to see my contact information go to the right.   
Current Class Information
Photography I
White on White-Tone Progression
(Color Concepts Critique)

Drawing I
Check back next year.  Currently being taught 2nd semester by Mr. Swartzentuber.
2-D Design

Color Project: Animal Print
Texture and Movement (Pollock) Intro Activities:
Vocab Notes
Artist Notes
Texture Rubbing

Plaster Critique (Casting and Molding unit)
Part II to come:  Relief Pattern

Art Images
Contact Me!
Jennifer Lefforge
B114, B120
574-371-5099 ex. 2336

Created: Jan 29, 2009
Updated: Mar 28, 2016
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