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Welcome to my ClassPage!

 Please remember that I am always available before school, after school, and during SRT!

 For more detailed class information, please access my moodle page at

English 9 Honors

Wednesday, Jan. 11: Discuss Book 20 of The Iliad; review requirements for shield project; read Book 21

Thursday, Jan. 12: Discuss Book 21; read Book 22

Friday, Jan. 13: Discuss Book 22; read Book 23

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Meet with counselors to discuss scheduling; read Book 24

Wednesday/Thursday, Jan. 18-19: Review Book 23 through games for Patroclus; discuss Book 24 and the fates of the heroes

Friday, Jan. 20: Iliad final assessment; read about biography project

Monday, Jan. 23: Discuss biography project; work on character analysis plan

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Work on character analysis

Wednesday, Jan. 25/Thursday, Jan. 26: Media Center time

Friday, Jan. 27: Work on character analysis; upload rough draft to Moodle by 7:30 am Monday

Monday, Jan. 30: Peer editing time; read The Odyssey pages 751-759

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Discuss the first part of The Odyssey; discuss Odysseus' ships; read pages 761-772

Wednesday, Feb. 1/Thursday, Feb. 2: Discuss previous section; read and analyze pages 773-786 of The Odyssey

Friday, Feb. 3: Odysseus' journey assessment; read 791-802

Monday, Feb. 6: Review Odysseus' journey; read 803-809 (the end of The Odyssey)

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Odyssey discussion

Wednesday, Feb. 8/Thursday, Feb. 9: Odyssey group project

Friday, Feb. 10: Odyssey Summative; ALS research

*Reminder: Students should be reading and taking notes over the biography/autobiography they selected to read independently.

Monday, Feb. 13: Discuss ALS; read Tuesdays with Morrie pages 1-13

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Apostrophe practice 1; discuss literary terms (biography, autobiography, memoir); read pages 14-31

Wednesday, Feb. 15/Thursday, Feb. 16: Apostrophe practice 2; define and practice re-stating aphorisms; discuss book; read pages 32-47

Friday, Feb. 17: Discuss book; read pages 46-68

Tuesday, Feb. 21: Biography/autobiography notes due; read and analyze pages 69-89

Wednesday, Feb. 22/Thursday, Feb. 23: Read and analyze pages 90-107; begin beliefs project

Friday, Feb. 24: Read and analyze pages 108-129; continue beliefs project

Monday, Feb. 27: Read and analyze pages 130-151; continue beliefs project

Tuesday, Feb. 28/Wedensday, March 1: Practice defending a statement with evidence from the text; Read and analyze pages 152-170; continue beliefs project

Thursday, March 2/Friday, March 3: Read and analyze pages 171-189; continue beliefs project

Monday, March 6: Read the end of Tuesdays with Morrie; complete beliefs project

Tuesday, March 7: Beliefs project due; review Morrie; prepare for Morrie assessment

Wednesday, March 8: Tuesdays with Morrie Assessment; begin research paper; practice source cards and note cards

Thursday, March 9: Create source card and note cards for book; begin working on articles from databases

Friday, March 10: Take notes from database articles

W131/L202 (IU English)

Wednesday, Jan. 11: W131 wrap-up; course introduction

Thursday, Jan. 12: Discuss poetry; read "Lying on a Hammock..." (pages 3-4); take notes

Friday, Jan. 13: Discuss "Lying in a Hammock..."; read "Singapore" (138) and take notes

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Read portions of "How to Make Arguments About Literature" (47-80) and take notes

Wednesday, Jan. 18/Thursday, Jan. 19: Discuss "How to Make Arguments..."; practice identifying issues; read "Blackberries" (139) and "Woodchucks" (8)

Friday, Jan 20: Discuss "Woodchucks"; work on microtheme over "Blackberries"

Monday, Jan. 23: Work day on microtheme 1; read "The Fish" (1030-1032)

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Microtheme 1 due; discuss "The Fish"' read "The Writing Process" (81-114)

Wednesday, Jan. 25/Thursday, Jan. 26: Discuss "The Writing Process"; read "Nght Waitress" (41-42) and "My Papa's Waltz" (264)

Friday, Jan. 27: Discuss "Night Waitress" and "My Papa's Waltz"; read "My Last Duchess" (1064-1066) and "My Ex-Husband" (1067-1069)

Monday, Jan. 30: Discuss "My Last Duchess" and "My Ex-Husband"; read "Wedding Portrait" (M-N) and "Those Winter Sundays" (263)

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Discuss "Wedding Portrait"; read "In Response to Executive Order 9066" (827-828) and "Legal Alien" (830-831)

Wednesday, Feb. 1/Thursday, Feb. 2: Discuss "Executive Order 9066" and "Legal Alien"; read "Capital Punishment" (1052-1055) and "Vision (2)" (handout

Friday, Feb. 3: Discuss "Capital Punishment" and "Vision (2)"; read "Incident" by Countee Cullen and "Incident" by Natasha Trethewey (1044-1045)

Monday, Feb. 6: Discuss both "Incident" poems; read "Leaving the Island" (1328)

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Discuss "Leaving the Island"; prepare for poem analysis paper

Wednesday, Feb. 8/Thursday, Feb. 9: Work time on poem analysis

Friday, Feb. 10: Work time on poem analyis (three printed copies due Monday, Feb. 13)

Students must have a copy of the novel When the Emperor was Divine by Monday, Feb. 13

Monday, Feb. 13: Peer editing 

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Peer editing; reading time

Wednesday, Feb. 15/Thursday, Feb. 16: Part 1 of When the Emperor was Divine due; discuss novel

Friday, Feb. 17: Define types of novels; continue reading When the Emperor was Divine 

Beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 21, assignments will be updated in Canvas. Please check the Weekly Assignments link in Canvas.

English 9

Wednesday, Jan. 11: Review Odysseus' adventures; read "The Meeting of Father and Son" (pages 791-794)

Thursday, Jan. 12: Read "The Beggar and the Faithful Dog" and "The Epic Continues" (794-796)

Friday, Jan. 13: "The Beggar and the Faithful Dog" assessment; read "The Test of the Great Bow" (796-802)

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Meet with guidance counselors to discuss scheduling

Wednesday, Jan. 18/Thursday, Jan. 19: Finish The Odyssey; plan character analysis paper

Friday, Jan. 20: Write rough draft of character analysis

Monday, Jan. 23: Continue rough draft of character analysis

Tuesday, Jan. 24: Character analysis due; research ALS

Wednesday, Jan. 25/Thursday, Jan. 26: Peer edit character analysis; begin reading Tuesdays with Morrie; read "The Curriculum" and "The Syllabus" (pages 1-13)

Friday, Jan. 27: Continue Tuesdays with Morrie; read "The Student" and "The Audiovisual" (pages 14-25/sections 5-6 of the audiobook)

Monday, Jan. 30: Continue Tuesdays with Morrie; read "The Orientation" and "The Classroom" (pages 26-40)

Tuesday, Jan. 31: Continue Tuesdays with Morrie; read "Taking Attendance" and "The First Tuesday: We Talk About the World" (pages 41-54)

Wednesday, Feb. 1/Thursday, Feb. 2: Continue Tuesdays with Morrie; read "The Second Tuesday: We Talk About Feeling Sorry for Yourself" and "The Third Tuesday: We Talk About Regrets" (pages 55-68)

Friday, Feb. 3: Continue Tuesdays with Morrie; read "The Audiovisual, Part 2" and "The Professor" (pages 69-79)  

Monday, Feb. 6: Read "The Fourth Tuesday" and "The Fifth Tuesday," (pages 80-100)

Tuesday, Feb. 7: Tuesdays with Morrie assessment; read "The Sixth Tuesday" (pages 100-108)

Wednesday, Feb. 8/Thursday, Feb. 9: Memoir project; read "The Professor, Part Two" and "The Seventh Tuesday" (109-122)

Friday, Feb. 10: Read "The Eighth Tuesday" and "The Ninth Tuesday" (pages 123-141)

Monday Feb. 13: Apostrophes practice 1; read "The Tenth Tuesday" (142-151) and work on project

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Apostrophes practice 2; read "The Eleventh Tuesday" and "The Audiovisual, Part 3" (152-163); continue project

Wednesday, Feb. 15/Thursday, Feb. 16: Apostrophes practice 3; read "The Twelfth Tuesday" and "The Thirteenth Tuesday" (pages 164-180); continue project

Friday, Feb. 17: Project due; apostrophes practice 4; read the end of Tuesdays with Morrie (181-199)

Beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 21, assignments will be updated in Canvas. Please check the Weekly Assignments link in Canvas.


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