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Welcome to my ClassPage!

 Welcome ! Thanks for visiting !  My name is Jennifer Dalton Burley, and this is my 26th year teaching Spanish and English. I grew up in Warsaw and majored in Spanish at the University of Kentucky in 1986. I have traveled to Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic,Costa Rica, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Antigua, Guatemala.  I have an English minor from Indiana University-Ft. Wayne and have 11 years experience teaching English as a Second Language.

Class Agenda
lunes 24/10

Explanation of Double Object Pronouns p. 127

Break it down with practice of direct objects

 ASN:direct objs pkt

martes 25/10

Explanation of indirect objects and deciding whether to use direct or indirect objs.

ASN: Pkt over indirect and direct objs

miercoles 26/10

Explanation and practice of double object pronouns, practice and assignment

Culture reading pp. 111-115. ASN: Questions on these pages. 


jueves 27/10

 Block Day - No Class

viernes 28/10

Go over reading questions and more practice with double object pronouns

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Created: Oct 16, 2008
Updated: Oct 18, 2016
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