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9/8- 9/12
US History
Monday - Ch. 2 Religion and Reform
Tuesday – Anti Slavery Movement
Wednesday – Manifest destiny
Thursday- Twin Towers Discussion
Friday- Ch. 2 Test
World Civ A
Monday – Egypt- River Valley Civ  
Tuesday - Egyptian Culture
Wednesday – Egypt Quiz 3-1, 3-2 – Start Indus River Valley
Thursday – Twin Towers Discussion
Friday – Indus River Valley – Culture


World Civ A
 Monday – No School
Tuesday – Mesopotamia the Rise of Empires
Wednesday- Hammurabi’s Laws / Ch 2-1 Quiz
Thursday – Fertile Crescent Empires
Friday – Fertile Crescent Empires/ Ch 2-2 Quiz
US History A
Monday – No School
Tuesday – Wheel of Knowledge – Post Constitution USA
Wednesday – Lewis and Clark Presentations
Thursday – The War of 1812- Monroe Doctrine
Friday – Ch 2 Intro / Jacksonian Democracy   


World Civ A  
Monday - Create Your City
Tuesday - Create your City
Wednesday - Create Your City
Thursday - Presentations
Friday- Keys to  Successful River Valley Civilizations

US History
Monday - Developing the Constitution
Tuesday Developing the Constitution
Wednesday- John Adams - A look at life in Colonial America 
Thursday - Lewis and Clark Project  work day
Friday - Lewis and Clark Project work day

Fed vs Anti

Federalist vs. Anti Federalist - The arguement over how much power The Federal Government should have in the United States has been ongoing since the writing of the Constitution by our founding fathers. Looking at todays federal government and all of the contorversies that suround it, do you believe the Federal government has to much power to control our lives as american citizens? On the other hand to you believe that the Federal Government does not have enough power to make needed changes ? Which ever side that you choose be sure to support your arguement with Facts and sound reason ?
Write a short paragraph that explains your position(4 -5 sentences)
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