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About the EL Department

Welcome to the EL web page!  This year we have our Emerging ENL Class and our Advanced ENL class.  Our Emerging ENL class has heavy language instruction, focusing on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Our Advanced ENL class consists of an "SAT Question of the Day" every day and cross curricular development where we help tutor students in whatever their needs may be.  Throughout the remainder of the day we assist students in their classrooms as needed.  

This year we have changed some of our staff members in our department!  Please see our EL Department photos in the "pageDocs" section to the right.  Our staff are as follows:

Heather Cunningham - Department Leader and Teacher (Mondays and Thursdays)
Phil Call - Teacher (split with English Department)
Misty Schoof - Teacher (split with English Department)
Amanda Qualley - Teacher (Tuesdays and Fridays)
Ana Manwaring - Parent Liaison (also in Attendance office)
Katie Kubacki - Assistant
Zahra Amirloo - Assistant
Juan Aguirre - Assistant
Anne (Willmert) Jordan - Assists 7th period Advanced ENL
Elise Hoover - Maternity Leave sub for Amanda Qualley

With more wonderful teachers and assistants bringing their expertise to our program, students are sure to be successful!

Daily/Weekly Plans
ENL Weekly Agenda

Weekly agenda for the 2nd period Emerging ENL class:

Monday - Achieve 3000
Tuesday - Reader's Cafe
Wednesday - Cross-Curricular Development
Thursday - Dig Deeper Day (formerly Discuss & Debate)
Friday - Writer's Workshop

We take pride in our format for this ENL class.  Our schedule was created with a student-centered culture in mind.  It was birthed out of collaboration with several other teachers and administrators to provide an opportunity for success for the students who were chosen to be in this class. 

With this schedule we should be assisting our students and setting them up for complete success, as long as they take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them!

It's going to be another GREAT year!

Advanced ENL Daily Agenda

Daily Agenda for the Advanced ENL Classes 6th and 7th periods:

SAT Question of the Day

Cross Curricular Development

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