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Welcome to my Page!
I'm so grateful for the opportunity to come and teach at Warsaw High School.  I look forward to this school year and getting to work with amazing staff members and students.

I'm going to keep this page updated with homework assignments and lessons for the week.  I'll try and update what we are covering over the weekend, but homework assignments will not appear until the afternoon after the assignment.

Contact me with any questions!

Old School
As it is public information now, I just want to thank everybody for my time at Warsaw Community High School.  A few weeks ago I saw that my old high school had a math teaching position open (starting asap).  I contemplated for quite a while about wanting to go back to my old job.  After talking to my family and friends I decided to return to my old school, and my last day at Warsaw will be this Friday, the 22nd.  I will start my new job Monday, the 25th.

Again thanks to everyone here at Warsaw for being welcoming.

Contact Me!
CJ Yoder
(574)371-5099 ext. 2246

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