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¡Bienvenidos a mi página Web!
Welcome to my class webpage! Please look at the following weekly lessons to keep up on homework and daily activities.
Lecciones semanales
el 6-9 de enero

Vocabulario 3.1 (lista y pracitca) p. 173

Futuro - starting up the future tense!

Prueba: vocab 3.1 - el 13 de enero

el 13-16 de enero

Vocab quiz: Rescheduled for 1/16 (Friday) because of the three snow days. Quiz was originally set for 1/13

Future tense: knowing the regulars and the "dirty dozen" irregulars.

el 2-6 de febrero
Examen - Test 3.1 has been moved to Wednesday, Feb 4th.

Vocabulario 3.2 - p. 199

El subjuntivo - los apuntes

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Chantel Minear



Created: Aug 20, 2013
Updated: Feb 4, 2015
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