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Finally Extra Credit

Extra Credit Opportunities for US History

There is a tremendous variety of extra credit I will accept to help improve Social Studies.  Examples include, but are not limited to:


Poster/Graphic Organizer:

A poster must include concepts from our current unit of study.  These concepts must be explained in detail and show a wide range of knowledge on the topic.  There must be connections between the topic and what we have done in class.


Summarization/Free Write:

Students may write a summary (minimum of one page) on a historical event or person from the time period we are studying.  Information for this summary may come from a book or website (other than Wikipedia) and it must be referenced in the summary.  The reference must include title, author, date of publication and publishing company if referencing a book.  For websites, in lieu of a publishing company, a web address will suffice.


A free write must focus on a student’s interpretation of the events or person we are studying in class.  Using evidence from our class, students are to write their own thoughts, ideas, questions, beliefs; they may discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the event or individual and how they affected the historical moment; they may compare and contrast events or individuals to other events and individuals. Free writes must have an obvious point on which the writing is focused. 


Poem, Rap, Role Play

Students may create poem or rap focusing on a person or event from our unit of study.  The poem or rap does not have to be performed in front of the class, though I do encourage a small presentation.  The purpose of a poem or rap is not solely to entertain peers; it must be focused on a topic and use evidence from class to make its point.  Any evidence used from outside sources must be referenced similarly to a summarization or free write. 


Students may work individually or with a small group to create an original skit/role play to be presented before the class.  This skit must be focused on a particular theme (the tensions in America leading up to the Civil War; lifestyle and culture in one of the 13 Colonies, etc) and include dialogue that supports the theme.  Skits are to be at a minimum 5 minutes in length.  Appropriate dress and props are encouraged.


Current Event

Students may write a half page summary of a magazine or newspaper article on any relevant world event.  The article must be turned in with the summary and the summary must explain:


Who is involved/affected by this event

Where and When the event took place

Why the event is important

How if affects the local location and/or the world as a whole


Appropriate articles would discuss U.S. or World Issues, Business, Science and Technology, or Health


Appropriate articles from legit websites that are fact based entities. You uncle’s website and his opinion is not a legit source.


Examples of sources that are often the most credible:

● Official government websites

● Institutional sites that represent universities, regulatory agencies, governing bodies, and respected organizations with specific expertise (e.g., the Mayo Clinic)

● Peer-reviewed journals

● Reputable news sources


As stated earlier, these are only some possibilities for extra credit.  If you have other ideas ask, and I’ll let you know if I’ll accept them.




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Created: Oct 1, 2008
Updated: May 18, 2018
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