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Welcome to our Page!
Welcome to our classroom web page. This is the place to learn about all that the Developing and Bridging EL's learning adventure. Here you can find our daily itinerary for the week, read about special events, get in contact with Ms. Chupp and more...
What's happening in EL?
Developing ENL
We are diving right into a great school year reading and possibly even writing short stories! We are using a great new curriculum called Edge to enhance our learning.

Week of August 24- August 28



Wednesday: No class

**WCHS Open House Welcome Night**


Bridging ENL
Weekly agenda for 7th period Bridging ENL:

On Wednesdays, we have an extended period so this class will meet for 90 minutes. During those days, we will do an extra activity together.

SAT Question of the Day

Cross Curricular Development

Wednesday, August 19: We will look at an interesting photo and use that as our writing prompt. Be ready to let you imagination go wild!
Emerging ENL
If you are curious what is happening in the Emerging ENL class, head on over to Rita Perez's Teacher Web Page. They are learning some great stuff!

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