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Weekly Homework
Monday,October 10

In class - Take 10 - with your poetry partner continue to work on the memorization of your ENTIRE poem - highlight key words and punctuation to emphasize

Plot design notes - key words exposition, character, setting, conflict, complication, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution

Homework:  poem memorization


Tuesday, October 11

In class:

Take 10 - practice poem with poetry buddy.

Discuss setting - Ask these key ?  Where is the setting found? (in the exposition), What two parts are included in the setting? (time and place).  When the reader adds these two elements together what might they feel? (a certain kind of mood).  Discuss how time can be told - create a top 10 list.  Give each quadrant a place and have them add 3 possible times and moods for the place.  Classroom work - each student will receive a type of story.  They will need to fill in a place and a time and a mood for the story.  Then they will write three complete sentences including imagery that creates the desired setting. 

Homework: Memorizing the poem


Wednesday, October 5

In class: Halfway poem memorization check for a grade

Class meeting

Work day on poetry poster - should be putting it together


Homework: Poetry poster due on Friday!!!!

Thursday, October 6

In class:  See Wednesday's comments

Homework: See Wednesday assignment

Friday, October 7

In Class: Say what?

Finishing touches will be put on the poetry poster today

Poster is due at the end of class


If time remains work on final memorization of poem


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Updated: Oct 10, 2016
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