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Welcome to Mrs. Riley's Class!
Students in my classes will be given challenging real-world projects and assignements.  High quality work is expected.  Classroom activities will include reading, projects, class discussions, problem solving, and guest speakers.  Major projects will be presented to the class.  Assessment methods will include homework, class participation, quizzes, tests, and projects.  Economics is required for graduation. 
Class Agenda
Economics Homework


Monday  1-14

Ch. 2 Notes

Ch. 2 study Guide pgs. 17 & 18 

Tuesday  1-15

Adam Smith Notes 

The invisible hand video clip  

Wednesday 1-16 or Thursday 1-17

Ch. 1-2 Practice sheets

Ch. 1-2 Assessment Standards

Ch. 1-2 Review Game 

Econ. Song 

Friday  1-18

Ch. 1-2 Test 




U.S. History Homework

U.S. History Project Info.
***Keep a folder for this class and do not throw anything away.
U.S. History Notes

Class Photos - Chicago Trip
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Class Links

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Updated: Jan 14, 2019
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