Mr. Rosenbarger's Geography students have been working diligently on writing their Middle East essays this week in the Media Center.
Congratulations to Mrs. Brannock and the WCHS Orchestra as they won Gold in this 
weekend's ISSMA contest. Great job everyone!
Please order your WCHS yearbook by May 13th by following the link below;jsessionid=69A8992F63910F757D23C4A624DA8355?&REF=A02250500
Visit the Bookstore and talk to the lovely Mrs. Wallen!
or contacting Erin Mills via email at You may also order
through the bookstore my seeing Mrs. Wallen. If you have any further questions, please
contact Miss Mills.
Warsaw Community Schools

eLearning Day Information for Secondary Parents

The next eLearning Day for 2017‐2018 for Warsaw Community Schools will take place on
Saturday, April 21, 2018. This day has been scheduled to make up a school
day that has been missed due to dangerous weather conditions. Making up lost
instructional time in this manner allows students to be dismissed for the summer in late May as opposed to June.

eLearning Day Procedures

All student assignments for the eLearning Day will be posted by 9:00 a.m. on the district and school web site. The district website may be accessed by visiting and the school web site may be accessed by visiting
http://yourschool (ie: All lessons will
be organized by school and teacher. Each teacher’s page will provide specific instructions for
the assignments to be completed or links to commonly used learning tools such as Canvas.
The assignments may be completed on the actual eLearning Day or may be completed and
turned in any time prior to the start of school on the following Thursday, April 26, 2018.
Completion of the assignments will allow the student to be counted as in attendance on the
eLearning Day. Any student who fails to turn in the assignments by the deadline will be counted absent for the eLearning Day.

On the eLearning Day, teachers may be contacted by email or other established means of
communication with any questions about assignments. Additionally, a technology support line
will be available for any general technology questions by calling 574‐371‐5088 from

9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

eLearning Day Resources

Also, for individuals that do not have Internet connectivity at home, students may use the
wireless network that extends out into the parking lot around all of our school buildings or use
the free wireless Internet service and/or computers at the Warsaw Community Public Library.
Finally, one computer lab in each middle school and the WCHS Media Center will be open for
one hour each day after school on April 23, 24, and 25.
Please congratulate Renee Engler, McKenzie Hale, Thad Harges, Kailey Stover (not pictured) and Kalaya Williams
on being selected for the 2018 Indiana All-Star Marching Band!
They will have the opportunity to perform as part of the Indy 500 festivities in May!
What an honor for these students. Job well done!

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