Jeff Grose
Regular Government

ELearning Lesson Plan

Regular Government ELearning Day May 6, 2017

Watch the video link below:

Crash Course Video – The Structure of our Court System

After watching the video, answer the five T/F questions below. Turn in your responses by Thursday, May 11 for 10 points.

1. True False     According to Craig and Mr. Grose, most cases never go to court; and if one does, it is likely going to be handled by a state court.

2. True False     There are 94 Federal District Courts in the United States

3. True False      Indiana is located in the Federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

4. True False      There are 9 justices serving on the U.S. Supreme Court.

5. True False      The Political Question Doctrine basically means the U.S. Supreme Court believes an issue should be decided by the Congress and/or the President instead of within the court system.

Course Outline

Unit One:  Our Political System

Unit Two:  The Legislative Branch

Unit Three:  The Executive Branch

Unit Four:  The Judicial Branch

Unit Five:  Local Governments