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Happy Last Week of School, Tigers!

The Roar staff is beyond excited to publish the final issue of the school year: the annually anticipated Senior Issue*. It is a 20 page, full color issue that highlights the seniors, what went on in 2017-2018, and much more!

In my first year as advisor for this amazing group of writers, I have been lucky to see amazing hardwork, dedication, innovation, and cooperation. These staffers, along with their editors, really worked hard all year to come together and create great content for our school. I have learned more from these students than I can say, and I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to walk alongside them as they created this work.

Thank you for your support this year! I have seen the number of downloads and the number of papers we've passed out rise, and it is wonderful to see so many people reading The Roar! Thank you!

We will miss our seniors, but we know that they are headed toward beautiful journeys and we can't wait for them to report back to us! 

If using the program Preview to view The Roar online, you can select "Two Page" under the "View Tab" This allows you to see the newsmagazine as you would in print! With the proper pages side-by-side! If using a different program, try clicking your view options and checking if there is a double page option!

Check out the Senior Issue Here --> May Issue: Seniors 2018

Check out Past Roar Issues Here --> The Roar

*Credit for the Cover Artwork Inspiration goes to music artist Drake and his creative team

Looking for some fun, while learning how to swim this summer?  Please take a moment to check out our swim lessons program offered here at the Warsaw High School Community Pool.  We are currently during our session 2 lessons, but our session 3 is wide open for you to take advantage of our great swim lesson program. We offer a varitey of lessons at different times throughout the day!  Our third session is July 2-13.  Our lessons are 9 days long, and are $40 per child.  Each staff member has been trained through the American Red Cross program, to ensure your child receives the best instruction.  You can find a registration form listed below, and information about each level on the back.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call: 574-371-5089.  Not only will we having fun in the water, while learning how to swim, we are also learning ways to stay safe in and around water.  Looking forward to this summer and seeing a lot of new faces!

2018 Tiger Swim School Registration Form.pdf
in Pool
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Pete Barnett is the Graduation Coach for our students at Warsaw Community High School. This is a program designed to support and encourage those students who do not already have an IEP with additional services. The students that qualify for this program do not fall into one sterotype: they may be struggling academically, have behavioral issues, emotional isues, difficult home lives, custody battles, participate in drug and alcohol abuse programs or any other difficulty that may hinder them from reaching their full potential and graduating High School.

Graduation Coaching Program is a 2-year program in the classroom (freshman/sophomore) where we study character strengths, share in small group settings, have time in class to work, wlecome guest speakers and most importantly develop a relationship that will last 4+years. Mr. Barnett has office hours outside of class time where he meets with every student to discuss what's going on with their lives in a personal and confidential setting. This program is supported locally by Gradway, whose motto is, "Promoting graduation, one relationship at a time".

Mr. Barnett is married with 3 daughters in grades 9, 8 and 5. He attended Valparaiso University and Grace College. He is involved with his children and their activities. In his family time, he enjoys hiking, biking, visiting family and watching TV. Mr. Barnett has started a program with Mr. David Cook from Edgewood Middle School named "ChainBreakers". This is a program sponsored by 2nd Mile Adventures which exists to have positive adult male mentors for teen boys who lack a positive male influence, in addition to potentially bringing some young men into a relationship with Christ. They take the boys riding on the trails in Winona Lake, participate in 2nd Mile Adventures trips, like ski trip and mountain biking trips. We have scholarship opportunities for these boys to take advantage of to attend these trips. We also have them perform some community service and volunteer at the Fat and Skinny Tire Fest.He feels blessed beyond belief to get to do what he does with students on a daily basis.
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Please click on this link to take you to the informational page and link to registration.

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