Adjusted Bell Schedule for March 22nd- "Get Schooled"

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Adjusted Bell Schedule for March 22nd- "Get Schooled"

Warsaw Community Schools is excited to offer “Get Schooled Tour Assembly” during the school day on Friday, March 22nd This interactive convocation will take place at the Performing Arts Center. Students in 6, 8, 9-12 grades will learn more about what experts are calling “The Selfie Generation.”


This assembly is being sponsored by K-21, Wildman Business Group, and Warsaw Community Schools. Clinton Faupel, Executive Director and Co-founder of RemedyLIVE, will be leading us with trends and information that he and his staff of over 100 “SoulMedics” have gathered while having 60,000 conversations with teens this past year as well as through polling of over 40,000 public school students through their Get Schooled Tour Assembly program.

Clinton has served both youth and families for nearly 30 years. Whether it’s a school assembly, a speaking event, or one of our online webinars, Clinton brings a transparent, no holds barred approach to purposeful living. Locally or nationally, Clinton’ s commitment is    to share his passion for web ministry and the one-of-a-kind chat

center that RemedyLIVE is.

The Get Schooled Tour is a one-hour, high energy program, that combines live music, interactive polling, and compelling video, to motivate students into a local system of care. The event encourages students to talk to a trusted adult so that their secret struggle, whatever it is, does not have the final say on their future.

It’s specifically tailored for teens in public schools to provide courage to share their secret struggles with caring adults and look for others around them that need support as well. The assembly is designed to be memorable and make a significant difference in the lives of the students that participate in it.  

Please see attached schedule for the timing of classes and convocation.

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