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WARSAW — When it comes to enrolling in kindergarten, it is sometimes difficult to tell who is more nervous — the students or the first-time kindergarten parents.

While not every parent and student looks toward kindergarten with trepidation, Warsaw Community Schools is hosting its annual kindergarten roundup 6-7 p.m. Thursday, March 10 at all of its elementary schools for all incoming kindergartners and their parents.

During kindergarten roundup, parents will meet wit their children’s principals and teachers, see their child’s future classroom firsthand, step aboard a WCS school bus and learn about different programs and services offered to them through WCS.

Keeping in mind that not all students learn the same or have had the same kinds of opportunities, WCS offers a variety of programs right from the start, designed to give students the education that best suits them.

For kids who may have missed preschool, parents can ask about WCS’s United Way-funded transition program, designed to help students catch up on the skills they will need to succeed right from the start.

WCS also offers one section of half-day kindergarten at Washington STEM Academy. The section is kept open as long as there are enough students to fill it. The deadline to apply for half-day kindergarten is April 1.

A third program WCS offers its kindergarten students is the dual-language immersion program at Eisenhower Elementary School. This program is limited to two sections and is optional but will provide students with the necessary skills to become bilingual.

The dual language program will be open to students from other schools in the district as well.

Parents attending kindergarten roundup will receive information about all of the above programs and will learn about a typical day in the life of a WCS kindergartner.

Parents are encouraged to attend kindergarten roundup at their neighborhood school. Those with students who will attend a WCS school in another neighborhood should still stop by their local building for transfer information and forms. For students who live out of the district but who wish to attend WCS, there is no out-of-district tuition.

While parents are learning more about kindergarten, their students will participate in activities hosted by Warsaw Community High School National Honor Society students.

Doors for kindergarten roundup will open at 5:30 p.m. for parents wishing to come early and receive information about available programs.

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