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Please continue reading to learn more about our 2-hour delay schedule.
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Our PowerSchool has been moved to servers hosted by PowerSchool itself. Please see the new address below.

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The End-of-Course (ECA) results for Algebra I, Biology I and English 10 are now available. Parents will receive a copy of the ECA results by by July 28. We are waiting on the Department of Education to mail the reports and parent access letters to the school.

Parents have the ability to access scores and images of the student responses from the tests to see if a re-score on any item is possible. ONLY parents can see these images and make this request. The school does not have the access to make a re-score request. However, if you need assistance we would gladly help you with processing a re-score request.

Re-scores are an option if the parent or the student feel like one of the written response answers should receive more credit than was actually awarded. If you have questions, your guidance counselor can assist you with this decision or direct you to where you can get help with this decision. Generally, it is more difficult for students to get points back for the Algebra I ECA than for the English 10 ECA. If you child is within ten (10) points of the passing score, it may be a good idea to consider a re-score on one or more items from the ECA.

The re-score request window is July 28-August 15, 2014. Updates from a re-score will be updated for the school by August 29, 2014. If there is no change from the re-score request, no new printed reports will be sent from the Department of Education.

Should you have any questions about your child's ECA scores or status, please contact your child's guidance counselor or grade level administrator.

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School pictures are in and can be picked up in the bookstore.

Picture Retake Day will be Wednesday October 9th from 3rd – 5th period. Students may have their photo taken anytime during those class periods. Students who did not get a photo taken during picture day will receive a pass to come down at the end of either third or 4th period.

Please bring your packet with you on re-take day.

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Did you know you can follow your class on Facebook and Twitter? Check us out for class specific announcements and general information!


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