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An in-depth look at scholastic offerings at Warsaw Community High School.

Warsaw Community High School offers a diverse and robust curriculum with many opportunities for AP and dual credit courses in conjunction with neighboring colleges and universities. WCHS currently offers 17 AP courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, computer programming and world languages.

Forty-one AP and dual college credit classes are offered each year in English, math, world language, social studies, technology and art. Dual credit offerings in conjunction with Warsaw Area Career Center number 56 courses with more being added each year.

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Read You Must!

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia by Simon Beecroft & Pablo Hidalgo

This book profiles of dozens of characters and creatures from the seven "Star Wars" films. 

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Reawakened by Colleen Houck

A visit to an Egyptian exhibit brings New York teen Lily Young face to face with a recently awakened mummy. Lily tries to help him find his brothers and save the world while battling a prophecy and mythological creatures.

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Mrs. Riley's Economics classes have been fully engaged creating their Budget projects this week in the Media Center.

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