Terrence Roe

Terrence Roe

Hello, I am Mr. Roe. I am one of four assistant principals at Warsaw Community High School. I am the administrator for the Class of 2016. I just finished my fourth year at the high school. The 2012-13 school year was my 20th year in education. I moved to Warsaw in the fall of 2000 and this is my 4th year working at Warsaw Community High School. Some of my responsibilities at WCHS include: Math Department, Performing Arts, School Safety, Attendance Oversight and State Assessment Team

Student Parking and Parent Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information

We have made some significant changes to our process for student parking and where parents can pick-up and drop-off their students. This information contains some images to help clarify the new parking expectations and increase the safety for all members of the WCHS community.

Parent Pick-up and Drop-Off

The designated areas for parents is now in C-Lot at the south-east end of the building and A-Lot by the entrance to the WACC on the north-west end of the building.

This is an overview of the WCHS campus with each parking lot marked.
(Click on the images to view the full size in new window.)


This parking lot is for student parking. The portion of the lot closest to the building is reserved for morning co-op students returning to campus later in the morning. It should be clear of any cars in the morning. The northern part of A-Lot is open for other student parking. This is also a designated area for parents to drop-off and pick-up students at the entrance of the WACC.


This parking lot is at the front entrance of WCHS. Due bus traffic during the morning and the afternoon, there is no longer any parent drop-off or pick-up in or around B-Lot. This is a change for this year. B-Lot is reserved for staff and short term visitors to the building.


C-Lot is a designated parent pick-up/drop-off area. This is reserved for staff parking only starting this year.


This parking lot is for student parking only. Student drivers can enter the building through one of the entrances in the PAC area when they arrive at school. This is not a designated parent drop-off/pick-up area. There is going to be a second entry/exit drive added to this lot which is not currently this map photo.
There is a portion of D-Lot that will be blocked off from use during the day for the marching band practice area. The area in front of the Performing Arts Center (PAC) is designated for bus traffic only before school and after school to make sure the buses are able to enter and leave the campus with as little traffic as possible.

We appreciate the cooperation of our parents and students in following these guideline for parking, dropping off and picking up students at Warsaw Community High School to ensure the safest possible traffic flow for everyone.
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We are celebrating an improvement of ECA score results at the high school this spring. We also want to mention the results of some outstanding students.

The students in these pictures were the top scoring students in our building this last May. Great work and we are all very proud of you at WCHS!!!!

These are the top scorers in the ECA Algebra I test.

These are the top scoring students for the ECA Biology I test. Lydia DeBoest and Bradley Nethercutt got a maximum score!!

These students were the top scoring students on the ECA English 10 test. Paul Motter got a maximum score!!

The End-of-Course (ECA) results for Algebra I, Biology I and English 10 are now available. Parents will receive a copy of the ECA results by by July 28. We are waiting on the Department of Education to mail the reports and parent access letters to the school.

Parents have the ability to access scores and images of the student responses from the tests to see if a re-score on any item is possible. ONLY parents can see these images and make this request. The school does not have the access to make a re-score request. However, if you need assistance we would gladly help you with processing a re-score request.

Re-scores are an option if the parent or the student feel like one of the written response answers should receive more credit than was actually awarded. If you have questions, your guidance counselor can assist you with this decision or direct you to where you can get help with this decision. Generally, it is more difficult for students to get points back for the Algebra I ECA than for the English 10 ECA. If you child is within ten (10) points of the passing score, it may be a good idea to consider a re-score on one or more items from the ECA.

The re-score request window is July 28-August 15, 2014. Updates from a re-score will be updated for the school by August 29, 2014. If there is no change from the re-score request, no new printed reports will be sent from the Department of Education.

Should you have any questions about your child's ECA scores or status, please contact your child's guidance counselor or grade level administrator.

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Mr. Roe has started recognizing students with A's in all of their classes for semester 1 by having lunch in small groups in the Blue Apron with Mr. Roe. Unfortunately, we are behind in our meetings with those students because of the delays and school closings.

We hope to get with all of these great students in the next couple weeks (weather permitting).

Congratulations on this achievement, we are proud of your hard work and your dedication to your academic success.

Class of 2016
All A's Semester 1
Bartol, Keeton L
Bruce, Tahya
Burns, Kendra Rene
Cone, Lucas
Cook, Ethan J
Cornell, Kenton
Etchison, Kendra L
Garrett, Grace
Glogovsky, Owen
Gongwer, Katelan
Goshert, Alexander F
Gottschalk, Andrew F
Hay, Sterling
Horst, Ethan C
Housel, Kendra S
June, Haley J
Luu, Ophelia
Miller, Nathan
Motter, Paul E
Myers, Abigail G
Neff, Adrianna M
Oh, Joyce Kipuem
Perkins, Sara
Perry, Shelby R
Rhodes, Brooke R
Rich, Audrey Jane
Shipley, Madison
Smith, Greer
Sullivan, Brendan Michael
Swihart, Griffin
Taylor, Zachary A
VanWormer, Elizabeth A
Vercauteren, Alexis L
West, Ashley K
The sophomores with perfect attendance have finally gotten their perfect attendance certificates. Sorry for the delay, but it has been difficult to get this important recognition out there because of the closings and delays.

Congratulations and thank you for efforts to be in school everyday. We really appreciate you!!

Class 2016
Perfect Attendance Sem 1

Blue, Michael A
Burns, Kendra Rene
Cook, Ethan J
Cornell, Kenton
Dachenhaus, Isaac D
DeBoest, Ericka
Doyle, Adam T
Duenas, Maria M
Fleming, Rosalia C
Freeman, Hunter
Gannon, Rachel
Gareiss, Spencer Reagan
Haines, Hannah K
Hanft, Erik Z
Hartle, Adrian J
Hillis, Sophie
Housel, Kendra S
Kennedy, Brittany
Kerlin, Connor N
Kuhn, John L
Lindeman, Madison Elise
Liu, Maggie X
Luu, Ophelia
Miller, Nathan
Motter, Paul E
Moudy, Taralyn
Murdock, Aaron A
Nelson, Joseph Alexander
Ocock, Bradley W
Packard, Tyler
Patel, Neema L
Patino, Juan G
Peterson, Haley
Shipley, Madison
Shoemaker, Sarah
Smith, Kole
Stafford, Jennifer
Thompson, Bryan
Wong, Bonnie

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