Troy Akers

Troy Akers

I am married to my lovely wife of twenty-seven years, Tracey. Tracey is a school nurse at Edgewood Middle School. We are the parents of two wonderful children. Our oldest, Tyler, is an assistant football coach and graduate student at Anderson University in Anderson, IN. Our youngest, Tara, is a senior also attending Anderson University.

In the fall of 2005 we became the legal guardians of Yachaaroah Lightbourne Stuart from the Bahamas. " Cha" is a graduate of UTEP in El Paso, TX where he was a member of the UTEP Miner NCAA DI football team.

We are involved in many activities. We are involved with and enjoy our church family at WCC. We also love the Performing Arts, professional and collegiate athletics, and nearly all outdoor activities.

The purpose behind today’s message is to reestablish expectations for our PLC - Early Release Thursdays.

1) Students may be released at 2:10PM each Thursday afternoon providing their academics are in good standing. As the weeks go on, more students will be required to stay until 2:50 for academic assistance if assigned by an administrator.

2) Once released, students are expected to leave the campus for the day. If your student is not a driver, walker, or is asked to stay for academic assistance, he or she is expected to report to one of 4 supervised areas of the building by 2:16 PM.

3) If you are here to pick up your student between 2:10 – 2:16 you do not need to come into the building.

4) If you will be picking up your student AFTER 2:16 but BEFORE 2:50, you must sign him or her out at our Attendance Office just like any other day.

5) Please assist your son or daughter with a plan for tomorrow. If they are released, they know the expectation. If they stay, they know the expectation. This will help everyone with the safety and security of our students. This system isn’t any different that our previous late-start Thursday. We simply have different steps to accomplish the same goal.

In closing, we are off to a great start! Our students have been patient, respectful, and a pleasure to have in the building! As a reminder, please come out next Thursday anytime between the hours of 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM to our Back to School night! This event will provide you a chance to attend a class meeting as scheduled by our counselors or maybe you would like to attend the Principal’s Roundtable discussions where our administrative team will be available for questions and answers.

Thank you!

Dear Students,

I'm excited that tomorrow we will embark on yet another school year here at WCHS/WACC. You may be a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or a student new to our district. Whichever group you fall into the most important item is that you are a now a part of the Warsaw Community High School / Warsaw Area Career Center family! The staff is committed to inspire, equip, and enrich your life every step of the way. We are also here to assist you with finding and pursuing your dreams!

As far as first day info, we would like EVERYONE to come to school with your schedule. WCHS/WACC is going GREEN! We will not be printing schedules and handing out as we have in the past. You may access your schedules online. You may also make a printed copy, handwritten copy, or take a photo and keep it with you if you carry a cell phone.

Upon arriving, you will report to your 1st period class where further instructions will follow. During 1st period, you will also pick up your student ID badge and student agendas.

Let's approach tomorrow, the first day of classes, like we would approach the last day of school. Be filled with excitement, energy, and an open mind!

Let's get it started! Go Tigers!

Mr. Akers

The Kosciusko County Council has selected Mr. Larry Burkhart as our Veteran of the Month. Mr. Burkhart is better known to WCHS students as the Head Custodian. Mr. Burkhart is married to his wife of 40 years, Gayle. They have one daughter, Bobbi Jo.

Some of his assignments in the military were as follows: Enlisted in the US Air Force in 1973, trained at Lockland AFB in Texas, attended Tech School at Lowry AFB, Colorado, and then had two tours at Clark AFP in the Phillipines. he also had other US assignments in Utah, New Mexico, and Florida.

A few of his accomplishments were as follows: 1975 Operation Baby Lift, Vietnam, 1977 SAC Nuclear Loading Compaction winner, 1987 Tested weapons for the F-117 at the White Sands Missile Range, and 1990 was an Eglin AFB team Member working on the GBU - 28 Bunker Buster.

He has been at WCHS since 1995. We thank Mr. Burkhart for his past service to our country and continued service to our school community! Well done Mr. Burkhart!

State Honorees & Distinguished Finalists

Every year, the top high school and middle level youth volunteers in each state and the District of Columbia are selected as State Honorees. Each receives a $1,000 award, an engraved silver medallion, and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., for several days of national recognition events. In addition, two to 10 runners-up in each state are named Distinguished Finalists and receive a bronze medallion.

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Students and Parents,

Mr. Brad Hagg, Chief Technology Officer of WCS sent the reminder below to all staff this afternoon.  As we know, we are nearing the start of that wonderful season of unpredictable, winter weather!  The information below can be of great use to follow as we navigate these upcoming months.


In the event of a delay or cancellation, parents, students and the community will be notified through the following methods: Twitter,(@WCS_District), district and school web sites, (, Facebook (, television and radio stations such as WNDU and WRSW, and WCS Power Announcement. Parents can sign up for Power Announcement through the parent portal in Powerschool. Parents can elect to receive a text, email, and/or voice phone call.  Please direct any questions regarding the delay and cancellation notification to your school office.

Thank you,

Troy Akers



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