Erin Mills

Erin Mills

Mills is the Advisor for the Publications classes of Newspaper and Yearbook. She also teaches English and Journalism along with sponsoring the Dream Council and English Academic Super Bowl Team. Any students interested in joining Yearbook, Newspaper, or who have questions about Journalism should come chat with Mills. She'd love to have you!

Mills's classroom, G155, also holds the school's Food Pantry, run by the Dream Council, for any student who needs simple groceries and toiletries to take home over weekends and school breaks. Students are welcome to come at any time to come and fill up a bag or two to take home!
Happy last few days Tigers!

The publications staff is SO proud to bring you our Senior May issue of The Roar!

They worked tirelessly to make this the best issue yet!! However, due to an oversight on MY part (Miss Mills) there was a mistake with TWO of the pages in the printed version. You will not see that mistake in this digital one, though!

Here's the scoop: The third and fourth pages of the "Oh the Places We'll Go" College Feature were switched on accident. This is totally my mistake. Please forgive me!

In the printed version, you'll see that it looks like students starting from Spencer Fletcher down through Jackson Wolkins are going to a different school, but just so everyone knows, they are Purdue bound and Boilermakers THROUGH and THROUGH! So, don't give the staff a hard time, 'kay? This was a Mills blunder!

Aside from that silly thing..... this issue is probably the prettiest and the most well thought out and put together I've ever seen. I have never been more proud of a group of students!!

If you click the link below, you can look at the issue digitally (without the blunder)
2019 May Senior Issue

And if you click the next link, you can peruse the entirety of this year's Roar Newsmagazines!
The Roar

Thank you so much for your support and - Until Next Year!!

Hey Guys!

Here is the March/April Issue of The Roar!

Read it here ---> 2019 March:April Roar

We hope you enjoy these awesome articles and we look SO forward to bring you the BIG, COLORFUL May Senior issue!!

Happy Spring!!

Check out all past issues of The Roar here --->  The Roar
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Hello WCHS!

Hopefully spring is right around the corner as this cold weather is getting a bit silly.
To tide you over until the flowers bloom and shorts make a reappearance, we have the newest issue of The Roar for you!

This issue was lovingly crafted in between a million snow days, the polar vortex, and Valentine's day!

We are proud to introduce a new staff writer, Kaitlynn Gordan, who joined us this semester! There is an introductory piece on her in this issue!

Check out the newest issue here: 2019 Jan/Feb Roar

Check out the rest of The Roar here:  The Roar

Thank you for all of your support and participation and we can't wait for the next issue!
You are snuggled up in your favorite blanket, you just finished your most recent Netflix binge, and you're wondering how to spend a good half hour of your time...

You're in luck! The Roar staff has been hard at work creating an awesome issue for your reading pleasure!

Thank you for participating in our surveys, willing to be interviewed, and supporting this super fun Newsmagazine!

We all hope you have a restful and rejuvenating break and come back in 2019 all safe and sound!

Merry Christmas!

Check out the Newest Issue of The Roar, here!  2019 NovDec Roar

Check out all past issues of The Roar, here!   The Roar

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We're back, Warsaw! 
We are so excited to continue to bring you exciting stories and top moments that happen during the 2018-2019 school year!

Our staff this year is as follows:
Katey Walls- Editor
Rachel McDonald - Editor
Mack Garrett - Senior Staff Writer
Micah Hoffman - Staff Writer
Jordyn Truex - Staff Writer
Konner Shepherd - Staff Writer
Alyssa Peña - Staff Writer

Take Journalism as an elective so you can begin your journey to being a part of our amazing Roar staff!

We strive to consistently provide WCHS and the surrounding community with compelling content that is passionately crafted through hard work in a professional environment that is focused on its audience.

Below you can click the link to be taken to a digital copy of our first Issue! 

2019Roar: September_October <- Click here to see the Current Issue of The Roar

The Roar <- Click here to see all past issues of The Roar


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