2019 May Senior Issue of The Roar

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2019 May Senior Issue of The Roar
Happy last few days Tigers!

The publications staff is SO proud to bring you our Senior May issue of The Roar!

They worked tirelessly to make this the best issue yet!! However, due to an oversight on MY part (Miss Mills) there was a mistake with TWO of the pages in the printed version. You will not see that mistake in this digital one, though!

Here's the scoop: The third and fourth pages of the "Oh the Places We'll Go" College Feature were switched on accident. This is totally my mistake. Please forgive me!

In the printed version, you'll see that it looks like students starting from Spencer Fletcher down through Jackson Wolkins are going to a different school, but just so everyone knows, they are Purdue bound and Boilermakers THROUGH and THROUGH! So, don't give the staff a hard time, 'kay? This was a Mills blunder!

Aside from that silly thing..... this issue is probably the prettiest and the most well thought out and put together I've ever seen. I have never been more proud of a group of students!!

If you click the link below, you can look at the issue digitally (without the blunder)
2019 May Senior Issue

And if you click the next link, you can peruse the entirety of this year's Roar Newsmagazines!
The Roar

Thank you so much for your support and - Until Next Year!!

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