Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

High School is an exciting time to explore career options and discover your aptitudes and passions. Each student has chosen a career pathway and course selections will reflect your student’s choice. This guide is designed to assist you in making the best possible decisions to get you where you want to be on your career path as you complete high school.

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Transcript Requests for College Applications & Self View

Warsaw Community High School and Warsaw Area Career Center offer a number of dual credit and
Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Choosing the right classes and making sure you are aware of the
student and parent responsibility for tuition, books and test fees can be confusing. Please read course
descriptions carefully. All students taking an AP course will be required to take the AP exam in May.
For the 2017-2018, year the cost per exam was $94. Each year the state legislature votes in March as to
whether they will cover any AP fees. Some math, English, and science courses have been covered in the past but
parents should prepare to pay for those exams if the legislature decides not to fund the cost. All
other AP classes are the student’s responsibility. The high school and the career center partner with
several institutions of higher learning to offer dual credit. If there will be a charge to the student it
should be included in the course description. Students enroll in the college or university that is awarding
the credit and your financial dealings are with that school, not the high school. Some schools do offer
assistance for free and reduced textbook students and some do not so it is important to do your research
carefully. You will be billed directly by the institution offering the dual credit and must work out
your payment plan with them. There are several courses in the career center that offer dual credit for
free. Please note that some courses will be accepted by colleges or universities as replacement courses
and some will be accepted as elective credits. It is the student and parent responsibility to contact
the college or university you wish to attend and ask how credits will transfer. The high school and
the career center cannot make any guarantees.

Your 2018-19 School Counseling Staff!

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Welcome to Warsaw Community High School Guidance and Counseling Department

Contact us: 574-371-5099 

Luisa Davis, Co-Director, ext. 2230,, or Sarah Graham, Co-Director, ext. 2325,

We embrace the core values of Warsaw Community Schools.


  • Everyone has value- any question you may have is important to us. Feel free to call or email us when you need to know something. If we don’t already know, we’ll make every effort to help you find out.
  • Every individual has something to contribute- each student is unique and we enjoy getting to know your students and helping them pursue their dreams.
  • Learning enriches life- Students can get very excited when they master a concept or have a passion ignited. They can also get very discouraged if they are struggling in class. Let us know how we can help you on either end of that spectrum.
  • Honesty, integrity and trust are fundamental to thriving relationships- we are committed to giving you timely, correct information so you can make good decisions about your educational future. Let us know if we can help.
  • Embracing diversity strengthens community- We are a diverse school in interests, ethnicity and economics. We hope all students have equal access to the programs and extracurricular activities at Warsaw Community High School. If something is keeping you from participating in an activity or class, let us know. We’ll try to help.
  • People have life-changing power- If we all work together you can have a great experience at Warsaw Community High School. But it takes a combination of school policies and opportunities, parental involvement, teacher dedication and student motivation to equal success.
  • Giving of time, talent and resources is vital to the well-being of the community- Our student body and staff is always involved in some type of community service. Check the school web site to see what opportunities there are for you to join in.


Our counseling staff pairs with a grade level administrator to try to address your needs in a more personal manner. We stick with you for your four years of high school so we get to know you well and can help you pursue your future goals. Get to know our counselors on the Guidance Staff page on this website.

Information about specific academic offerings can be found under the academic tab. There you will find our course of study guide and course selection forms. We also have information about programs in the Warsaw Area Career Center that are open to our students.

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