Rick Swaim

Rick Swaim

Rick is the Counselor for the class of 2015. He likes to be involved in all kinds of outdoor activities, including riding his mountain bike in the woods, working in the yard, or pushing his grandchildren on the swings at his house. Rick also teaches a Counseling Class at Grace College and is an active member of the Winona Lake Free Methodist Church. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or 574-371-5099 ext 2326. Click here to go to his webpage.

Listed below is a calendar of events for the senior year for the Class of 2015.  Let me know if there are questions.Senior-Calendar-2015_20140523-184356_1.docx

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Check out the link below to find out about financial aid.  Financial aid is confusing to most and confounding to many.  Hopefully this information will help you make heads or tails out of what Financial Aid is.


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