Warsaw Community High School and Warsaw Area Career Center offer a number of dual credit and
Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Choosing the right classes and making sure you are aware of the
student and parent responsibility for tuition, books and test fees can be confusing. Please read course
descriptions carefully. All students taking an AP course will be required to take the AP exam in May.
For the 2017-2018, year the cost per exam was $94. Each year the state legislature votes in March as to
whether they will cover any AP fees. Some math, English, and science courses have been covered in the past but
parents should prepare to pay for those exams if the legislature decides not to fund the cost. All
other AP classes are the student’s responsibility. The high school and the career center partner with
several institutions of higher learning to offer dual credit. If there will be a charge to the student it
should be included in the course description. Students enroll in the college or university that is awarding
the credit and your financial dealings are with that school, not the high school. Some schools do offer
assistance for free and reduced textbook students and some do not so it is important to do your research
carefully. You will be billed directly by the institution offering the dual credit and must work out
your payment plan with them. There are several courses in the career center that offer dual credit for
free. Please note that some courses will be accepted by colleges or universities as replacement courses
and some will be accepted as elective credits. It is the student and parent responsibility to contact
the college or university you wish to attend and ask how credits will transfer. The high school and
the career center cannot make any guarantees.

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