US History Classes experience Trench warfare

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US History Classes experience Trench warfare
Over the last two weeks, Mr. James, Ms. Carroll and the other US History teachers are in the midst of discussing with their students the causes and realities of World War I.

As a fun and interactive way of teaching about trench warfare, Ms. Carroll and Mr. James' classes took part in 3-day tournaments within their individual classes. Students were allowed to manipulate desks to create 'trenches' and would then engage in a 'battle' against an opposing team in a 'capture the flag' style game. The objective was to eliminate the opposing team, 'take' the trench, and capture the enemy's flag. Much like the war itself, as the tournament progressed, new elements were introduced to change strategy, such as a 'tank' (a shield). It was a great way to see students engaged, problem solving, and developing strategy.


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