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Monday, June 4 begins our first summer school session. When students arrive, you will notice a heavy construction zone near the Career Center entrance on the north side of the campus. This construction zone will limit traffic and eliminate any entrance to the building from the Career Central area. Therefore, we ask that all student parking for summer school and students arriving for any athletics events occur in D lot.

We also ask that all students enter and exit the PAC Center only for Summer School. These will be the only doors accessible during the regular arrival and dismissal times. All classrooms will be located in the lower R and upper R sections. These classrooms are located within the English and Social Studies departments. The remainder of the building will be closed to student traffic.

We have additional important information to pass along regarding driving on the school campus throughout the Summer.

- All parent pick up and drop off should occur in the C lot at the same area where pick up and drop off was during the school year. You may enter school grounds from SR15 and turn left towards C lot.

- All Summer School drivers should enter and exit the Logan Street access only. Parking is permitted in D lot only.

- Late Summer School students may be dropped off by parents at the WCHS Main entrance.

- All traffic on the East and North side of the building, between Edgewood and the high school, will be limited due to the construction zone. Please avoid that area throughout both summer school sections and the entire summer.

- The circle drive will be open to the Central Office drive.

Thank you,

WCHS/WACC Administration

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